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There Is nothing worse than having blocked drains, we know, as here at Lewin Plumbing and Heating Ltd we not only specialise in heating systems and Boiler Installations and repairs, but also providing solutions for blocked drains. We are based in Essex so have unblocked many drains in Southend, we’ve dealt with a lot of blocked drains and a lot of people in the past who have had blocked drains in Southend. Do have a look at our drainage page here your drain may need rodding or jetting, these are just some of the techniques we employ to solve your blocked drains in Southend and clear them giving you full piece of mind.

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What Has Caused My Blocked Drain?

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There are many causes of blocked drains, some might be tree roots that have penetrated the drain basin and then caused items like nappies or toilet paper to essentially build a dam like structure or a barrier over time on the roots of the penetrated drain basin therefore causing a blockage in the drain. Have a look at our blocked drains page here


We have also discovered instances where cotton buds have been flushed down toilets and eventually on a regular basis once again these produce a dam effect in the drain basin causing a blockage,  this is the same with nappies that are flushed down the toilet as well, so if you can avoid putting large items like this or items that create barriers within the drains, because don’t forget most drains were laid a long time ago especially where there are old style terraced houses in areas like Southend and these terraced house drains were not designed to cope with these sort of items.  They were essentially built to carry waste product to the main Sewger convergence. 

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Emergency Blocked Drains

If you see sewage seeping out of the top of your toilet which could be backed up or possibly you have a manhole cover where you see sewage seeping through around the edges and coming out possibly onto your lawn or even in some cases over the years we’ve seen manhole covers that were built years ago, not within the building regulations of today, actually in conservatory floors, if you see the water backing up in the drain then you know there is a problem and you need to unblock the drain as quickly as possible. So please feel free to contact us for an emergency call out for your blocked drains in Southend as there is nothing worse than an overspill of sewage in your property. The damage this can do can be catastrophic so the sooner you can salvage the problem the better. Contact us here

How To Clear Your Blocked Drain

There are a few methods that can be employed to clear your block drain in Southend most can be cleared with a system of rods that we push down the drain to push the blockage through therefore releasing the flow through the drain again and allowing your waste materials to go into the main sewer. If it’s a blocked drain within the house it might be that we can use a pressure pump or gun that essentially shoots a huge amount of pressurised air down the pipes and causes pressure in the pipe to flow down the pipe at a speed that can then hit and disperse the blockage and will unblock your drain.

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