Q: How do i know when i need a new boiler?


A: Boiler lifetimes can last up to 15 years. However cheap boilers, or those boilers fitted by cheap plumbers may last only 5 years.

Q: What is the difference between flushing and chemical (power) flush?

A: Flushing refers to cleaning the system with water. This is highly ineffective and does not clean properly. Cheap plumbers only flush out systems. Chemical (power) flush thoroughly removes deposits of sludge and debris from your central heating system, for example left at the bottom of radiators or pipes. It helps significantly in the long term and prevents cold radiators, boiler noises or slow warming of the central heating system. Chemical flushing costs from £300+ depending on the size of the property.

 Cheap plumbers avoid power flushing and hence they have cheap prices. No power flushing results in boiler problems (often within 5 years), and in worst cases boilers may need replacing quickly, incurring extra costs (£000’s) for householders.


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Q: Do you have a call out charge?

A: We do not have a call out charge for boiler replacement jobs. We provide a free quote upon site inspections. Where jobs can be fixed and do not need parts replacing, a call out fee of £70 is charged for local areas. This also applies for the jobs previously completed by CGH, where fault did not lie in our workmanship.

Q: Are you a registered plumber?

A: We are Gas Safe, CITB and IPHE registered, you are in safe hands!

Always check and use the services of Gas Safe registered plumbers. Never put yourself and others at risk by hiring cheap, unregistered and unsafe plumbers.

Q: How much do you charge for combi to combi boiler replacement?

A: Many factors affect the price, such as how long ago the boiler was installed and if it has been installed according to rules and regulation necessary. Regulations have changed over time, for example, plumes issues, condensation discharge and gas size piping.