Why Go Unvented?

Unvented cylinders are cylinders that store hot water at high pressures to give you the hot water performance you require.


They can be used in all properties small and large, electrical and gas.


Most new homes built are now fitted with unvented cylinders as standard due to the high performance.


The fact is you can use multiple taps or showers with at the same time with little or no drop in pressure or flow makes this type of cylinder very popular.

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High flow rates.

High pressure.

Brilliant solution for small and large properties.

Efficient and cheap to run.

Delivers high pressure and flow to multiple bathrooms.

Immersion back up if gas boiler breaks down.

Stored hot water.

No tank required in the loft.

No need for gas supply (direct version only)

Megaflo Cylinders

Unvented cylinders are commonly known as Megaflo’s. This is a brand name, most boiler manufacturers have their own variant of unvented cylinder.


Megaflo has been a market leader for a while due to their lifetime guarantee on the integrity of the cylinder and the fact there is no need for an external expansion vessel as it is internal to the cylinder.

Direct Unvented Cylinders

Direct unvented cylinders use electrical heating elements called immersion heaters. They heat the water in much the same way as a kettle.


This type of unvented cylinder is most commonly found in smaller properties with no gas supply.

It can also be found in many larger domestic and commercial buildings where no gas heating is available.